Dear fellow computer user,

Regardless of your skill level or what kind of computer you use, we all are vulnerable and at risk for getting victimized from our computers.

What Would YOU Do "IF"...

... IF a cybercriminal hacked your computer, scammed you, secretly stole your identity, put you in debt, destroyed your credit (or reputation), blackmailed you, or got you sent to prison for crimes you didn't commit?

... IF a predator found you (or a loved one) online, stalked you, broke into your house, robbed you, harmed you, or sold you into human trafficking? (Or worse?)

... IF you found your health deteriorating and you became physically crippled due to unexpected side effects from your computer?

You may think this only happens in the movies. But threats like these claim new victims every day.

Even if you THINK you are safe and protected from these threats are you sure?

Computing Safely is for anyone who would like to become as safe as possible while using their computer without being forced to become a computer nerd or guru.

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